Michelle Gay is a Laban Certified Movement Analyst, Registered Somatic Movement Educator, Registered Movement Pattern Analyst, Sixth Degree Black Belt and Founder of The Self Offense Project, The Society for Martial Arts Instruction and Karate-Do Kenwakan in New York City.

From 1998-2003 she volunteered as an Advocate for the St. Vincent’s Rape Crisis Program in Greenwich Village.

After she read Gavin DeBecker’s book The Gift of Fear; Survival Signals That Protect Us From Violence, she saw the opportunity to use her expertise to create a unique self offense™ workshop that combines verbal and non- verbal self offense fundamentals and strategies  with traditional self defense techniques.

Since 2003, she has taught the Safe & Sound Self Offense™ Seminar to thousands of men and women in United States, Canada and Germany.

In addition to regular seminars at the Society for Martial Arts Instruction, Safe & Sound Self Offense™ has been offered at Columbia University’s Barnard College, Lehman College, The Dalton School, Baruch College, The School of Visual Arts, Wagner College, The City & Country School, Peace Gatherers, Imazaki Dojo, Kanreikai Karate, Karate Praxis in Frechen, Germany and at many community events in and around New York City.

The workshop has been a part of orientation week at Broadway Dance Center’s International Student Visa Program and Professional Program since 2002.

She is a mother of two grown children. Her daughter, Zelda, a second degree black belt, is a writer, producer and partner on all Safe & Sound Self Offense™related projects.